Places Worth Seeing in India

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Places worth seeing in India

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Love Story Behind Taj Mahal - The True StoryIndia being the very famous tourist destination is playing is best part from all over the world tourism report. There are so many sites which are worth seeing in India and they carry a history. The beautiful and historical places of India which as a tourist you must see include Calcutta, Tirupati, Varanasi, Lucknow, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Jaipur, Pune, Chandigarh, Madurai, Puri, Hyderabad, Nellore and Ahmedabad. Moving on to some more sites which are very famous among the tourism in India include Kerala backwaters, Lake Palace, Virupaksha Temple, Palolem, Kanha National Park, Harmandir Sahib, Jaisalmer, Ajanta Caves, Varanasi, and the top most visited place in India The Great Taj Mahal. These places are the very best ones when planning your tour to India and the top most place, without which you trip will be total incomplete is the awe inspiring and a very historical place Taj Mahal. It has been there for the many past years and people are visiting it each day because it is one of the wonders of the world. Taj Mahal is a very magnificent place and must be visited by you as a tourist.  You must plan good for you and see the number of holidays you are having and how many of them you want to spend in India. Whatever you decide, do make a plan to see Taj Mahal at the very first place and roam around the beautiful Agra.

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Cultures within India

Agra Jahangiri MahalYou will get a chance to explore India and see different forms of one culture blended together in one plate. Far from the busy traffic of the city life, there exists little village lives which have their cultural teachings a bit different from each other but all have one purpose that is to worship and to pray, to ask and to forgive. You can live a day with them and explore their culture, enjoy their food which is real natural and they are lovers of the vegetables over there. They cook them so nicely as you cook your favorite foods. Indian foods are very famous in all over the world but precautionary measures must be taken and less eating will give you a healthy travel. Do not get yourself so much involved that you forget to take care of your health. So India has so much to offer you and this time when you plan to visit India, keep in mind their village lives are just too pure and awesome. You must plan that side indien reisen (English: travel India) .


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